Mental Training

In Today's Competitive world the mind is our biggest weapon. We invite you to come participate in our online mental training e-learning courses provided to you by Lindsay's very own mental coach Heather Waters. Heather is a well known mental strategist and a certified Life Coach whose programs have helped Lindsay's world ranking go from 920 to 75 in the world over the past 3 years. Heather's online programs, CDís and DVD's are a must have for any person serious about competition whether in tennis, the business world, or in life.

The online e-learning videos are broken down into three different course programs consisting of:

  1. Perception Development
  2. Game Intelligence
  3. Game Acuity

Put these courses to use and your life will be enhanced. Click on the video links below to begin unlocking your minds fullest potential. We guarantee you will not only improve your mental game on the tennis court but also you will become a more complete person off the court.

Most popular videos

7. Combatting Fear
Fear is largely in part what keeps one from playing at their optimal level. Everyone has fear in one way or another but it is how we deal with fear that can set us apart from our competitors. Heather ...
Rating: 5.00

4. Depth Perception
Proper depth position requires accurate anticipations. Learn how to anticipate competitively by utilizing your mental position on the court.
Rating: 5.00

2. Self-Perception
What is your self-concept and how do you respond to pressure situations? Conduct a personal assessment & learn to utilize the power of assessment to your advantage.
Rating: 4.00

1. The Basics
Perception at the basic level involves mental associations. Learn why perception at the basic level is critical to the choices you make both on the court and off.
Rating: 4.00

10. Relax and Rejuvenate
There is a season for everything. After you have worked hard and accomplished a goal, take time to relax and rejuvenate.
Rating: 4.00