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We would personally like to thank you for subscribing to our online magazine. It is our personal commitment to bring you the most cutting edge tennis instruction the world has to offer each and every month. Thank you for joining us as we pioneer the e-learning revolution and change the way tennis is taught and learned throughout the world today. No matter where you are in the world, whether at home, traveling with your laptop, or at work, you will now be able to always receive world-class tennis instruction at the click of a button and take advantage of the most innovative learning and study tools technology has to offer today. Who better to receive instruction from than a current team of experts actually doing the real thing on the professional tennis tour? Whether you are a beginner, coach, parent, or tour player, we are committed to providing you with an avenue to reach your ultimate tennis goals. We will provide you with new updated content each and every month, and we are confident that you have just made the most beneficial decision of your life for improving every area of your tennis game.

Here's a quick tour of some site features that you will now be able to take advantage of:

  • Pro Strokes Library
  • You will be able to study frame-by-frame video of all the top players in the world’s technique.
  • Video Instruction
  • Learn every facet of the game both on and off the court from our online streaming instruction videos directly from current tour player Lindsay Lee-Waters, current tour coach Heath Waters and their hand chose team of experts in the fields of Sports Performance and Mental Training.
  • Pro Analysis
  • The latest and greatest learning and study technological tool ever developed in tennis. It is the fastest way to learn the fundamentals of all tennis technique for players and coaches alike. You will be learning straight from the top players in the world and will never have to guess how they do it again. It is the most detailed and enlightening learning tool to date and you have to see it to believe it!
  • Mental Training
  • Learn from Lindsay’s very own personal mental trainer Heather Waters, who in the past 3 years has helped take Lindsay from 920 in the world to 75 in the world rankings and can take your mental game to the next level as well as help you reach your fullest potential in tennis and life.
  • Speed Training
  • Velocity Sports Performance is the world leader in speed and strength training with over 50 U.S. locations. Come learn world-class strength and speed training exercises in our online streaming videos and improve your speed and technique on the court.
  • Instruction Articles
  • In our instruction articles you will receive the most detailed and innovative instruction in tennis complete with video and labeled graphics of which is based upon The ACE System of Coaching.

In addition VTA members will receive a steady stream of special offers and discounts on products and services from our team of experts.

Thanks again for joining Virtual Tennis Academy. We look forward to serving you and all your tennis needs.

The Virtual Tennis Academy Team

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